Program Development

This web site was developed at the University of Pennsylvania Linguistics Lab as part of the NSF research project "Automatic Alignment and Analysis of Linguistic Change" (NSF grant 921643 to W. Labov).

The program suite was first used to analyze data from the newly-transcribed Philadelphia Neighborhood Corpus of LING560 studies [PNC].

How to cite FAVE

Rosenfelder, Ingrid; Fruehwald, Joe; Evanini, Keelan and Jiahong Yuan. 2011. FAVE (Forced Alignment and Vowel Extraction) Program Suite.

About this web site

The web interfaces use Python CGI scripts. The main programs are written in Python as well.

Program download

Please not that the downloadable files still use the old names of the programs: FAAValign (FAVE-align) and extractFormants (FAVE-extract).

Command-line versions of the programs behind the web interfaces can be downloaded below. Please note that both programs require the pre-installation of other programs, which can be quite extensive (e.g. HTK for the aligner).

FAVE Users Group

A Google Group for users of FAVE can be found here.

Questions? Comments?

Please send me an email.